Tour owner and operator Janice Williams

Plymouth Ghost Tours

Janice Williams:

"I have been always been intrigued with the spirit world and in touch with those that had passed over, mostly my family members.

The fire station I used to work at as a paramedic was extremely haunted. I needed to find out who this spirit was and why he was there.

I have been interested in the paranormal ever since I was a child. I dont' believe death is final, I feel spirits are around us more than we realize. My bussiness was created from a push from a friend on the "otherside".

I have been a Paramedic for over 19 years. Working on an elite 911 rapid response unit. One night, beginning Oct 1st, I had a very strange dream, I woke up, and felt like my best friend's deceased mother, was talking to me, and all I could recall was the words "GHOST TOUR". My daughters birthday soon approaching, I thought what a great idea... lets do a ghost tour in Salem! We did... But dreams became more vivid, every night at 3:05 a.m. Maureen was talking to me. I would wake up and smell her perfume "Jean Nate" would linger in the room. But I would remember strange words, that I would write down. the list got longer and longer... 45 visits, being awaken at 3:05 am I said, I'LL do it.. GHOST TOURS IN PLYMOUTH! The next day I told my daughter that, I made a deal with a spirit that we were going to do ghost tours. She was all excited. That night over pizza.. dead of night ghost tours was created...

The list that I had formed must have had something to do with this, so off to the library we go. All those names and places were in plymouth. Then we went and talked to people and they said yes this place is haunted. We started investigating these places and spirits were coming through. Dead of night became a reality. My daughter created the web site, tickets the brochures. We had fun, as a mother daughter team.

October 1st , one year after the dreams had started, I got called into my works office. There had been a budget cut and we only had 45 days left at our job. I told my family the bad news, my daughter, cheerfully stated , don't worry Mom we have the business!!!! I told her we didnt make very much, from it. Her possitive attitude said yes we can! We worked hard and never gave up and here we are today. So no matter how crazy a dream may be, sometimes you just have to follow your dreams. Thank you to all the spirits who have helped me get to where I am today."

Ghost tour plymouth

Ghost tour plymouth Ghost tour plymouth Ghost tour plymouth